Butler School of Music

Call for Applicants for BSOM Graduate String-Quartet In-Residence

This Graduate Residency will be for two academic years beginning September 2013 and ending in May of 2015. Each student must be admitted to the degree of MM of Performance with a Chamber Music Emphasis, or to the AD in Performance, and must enroll in nine credits per semester. Each student will receive an appointment as an Academic Assistant to a member of the Miró Quartet. For additional details about the course of study and to schedule an audition, please email John Largess of the Miró Quartet at jlargess@mail.utexas.edu. To submit an application to the program, please email Graduate studies coordinator Daniel Seriff at mga@mail.music.utexas.edu. A completed application for all members of the quartet must be filed before an audition can be scheduled.

This program includes:
  • -Weekly coaching with members of the Miró Quartet
  • -Private study for each member with members of the Miró Quartet
  • -Comprehensive guidance for String Quartet Management, Business, and Career Goals with members of the Miró Quartet
  • -Preparation for national and international competitions
  • -Daily rehearsal in campus private studio
  • -Participation in the UT Symphony or New Music Ensemble on a rotational basis.
  • -Connections to the Austin Community through the BSOM Outreach Coordinator
  • -Opportunity to engage resources on UT campus and throughout the city of Austin, Texas

Audition Requirements

Each quartet will be asked to schedule a one hour-long audition time in-person with members of the Miró Quartet. Video auditions are not accepted. Repertoire for this audition is as follows: 1 complete Classical work by a composer such as Mozart, Haydn, or early Beethoven; 1 complete Romantic work by such as Brahms, Dvorak, etc; 1 complete 20th or 21st century quartet of your choice. There will also be a personal interview about your quartet's professional goals and experience during this audition.

John Largess
Friday, November 16, 2012